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B2B SaaS gifting solution for e-commerce platforms & omnichannel experiences.


According to Bain & Company and Fondazione Altagamma, gifting accounts for 39% of revenues in the personal luxury good sector. 9 out of 10 gift receivers state that “they would change their gift if possible”, emphasizing the challenge gifting has become for those who buy them. The uncertainty varying from the initial inspiration and desire to find “the perfect gift”, to the uncertainty around selecting size, color, variant and other personal preferences, often refrains buyers from purchasing more personal gifts. A dilemma exacerbated in the luxury sector as consumers see gift cards as impersonal and inappropriate, making the art of luxury gift giving a delicate balancing act.


4Gift users can purchase any product as a gift, either individually or by sharing the total price with others. Gifts can easily be sent to recipients via email or by sharing the gift link in any chat/iMessage/whatsapp/instagram etc. By clicking on the link or email, recipients will initiate an immersive 3D Unboxing experience (personalized per brand) where they can view the messages/video prior to discovering the gift. Once it’s viewed, the recipient will be free to select their preferred size, color, or variant. Alternatively, they can exchange their gift for another product of equal or higher value – making up the difference if necessary. Finally, the recipient will specify the delivery address, or select a store where they can pick up their gift, enjoying a seamless gifting experience.


4Gift is currently being used by brands like Gucci, Burberry, Valentino, Breitling and others to enhance their online gifting proposition. The solution yields an enhanced gifting experience so users can send gifts in just a few clicks. Thanks to “instant delivery”, 4Gift supports sales after shipping cut-off (34% of sales in December were registered after December 20th) and has seen a constant growth in GMV YoY (2x) with partner brands. In addittion, the current average conversion rate is approximately 15% and returning customers reached 24%.

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