DWS is a high-end expert in product personalization applications through laser technology. The company is already present in Orleans, Singapore and New York City and is continuing to expand internationally in Europe, in Asia, in the United States, and in the Middle East.

Its talented teams combine their skills to support you throughout your entire personalization project, providing a responsive and tailored solution for luxury Maisons and packaging industries. Its expertise brings benefit at every step of the product lifecycle – from design to on-line and off-line distribution – to set up the most advanced and sophisticated physical personalization experiences.

The engraving machine was especially designed to blend seamlessly into a luxury retail setting: compact, user-friendly, customizable, quiet and interactive. It is also compatible with various materials – glass, crystal, leather, paper, wood, plastic, anodized metal, etc.

Aurélien Ricci, Samuel Desprez, Philippe Feru
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