Build scalable solutions for verifying products using AI

Entrupy’s mission is to protect businesses, borders and consumers from transacting in counterfeit goods. Entrupy has developed a patented technology system which utilizes a combination of artificial intelligence (machine learning), computer vision and microscopy to instantly identify and authenticate physical products with near 100% accuracy. Entrupy’s solutions are currently utilized by businesses across the physical goods ecosystem, including retailers, governments, online marketplaces and resellers.

Entrupy solutions:

  • Entrupy Authentication: instantly identify authentic and counterfeit products with artificial intelligence, backed with a certificate and financial guarantee
  • Entrupy Fingerprinting: virtually tag and identify individual objects uniquely using advanced computer vision techniques. Once registered, these fingerprints can be identified through a product’s lifecycle using Entrupy’s system, without physically changing the product itself
Ashlesh Sharma, Lakshmi Subramanian, Vidyuth Srinivasan
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