Improves and customizes browsing experience for elderly people and people with disabilities

FACIL’iti is an Accessibility overlay tool, often referred to as a ‘comfort solution’ that – if implemented correctly, and on an already accessible website – can adapt the interface of a website in different ways for people with some disabilities. The solution, alone, however, neither ensures the compliance to international accessibility guidelines (WCAG) or full accessibility to people with disabilities, nor does it avoid associated legal risks.

Overlays are a broad term for technologies that aim to improve the accessibility of a website. They apply third-party source code (typically JavaScript) to make improvements to the front-end code of the website. While the use of an overlay may improve compliance with a handful of provisions in major accessibility standards, full compliance cannot be achieved with an overlay.

To ensure that your Maisons site is accessible and meets local compliance standards, we recommend that all developers, designers and content contributors are trained, the foundation/ default design & code of the site is made accessible and that you check with your Maison legal representatives that any regional legal requirements are met. Solutions like FACIL’iti should be considered an optional add-on rather than a single-fix solution.

Overlay solutions (Facil’iti, AudioEye, AccessiBe etc.):

  • Do not suffice to achieve our accessibility targets WCAG 2.1 AA
  • Do not significantly affect the compliance rate
  • Do not avoid the legal risk
Frédéric Sudraud, Yves Cornu
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