Enriches customers gifting experience through videos & personalization

Livstick gives online and in stores buyers the opportunity to enhance their gifting experience by adding a personal and private video message to the object purchased.

Livstick proposes different solutions for various use cases:

  • for gift cards, the Livstick can be materialised by a QR Code printed on the Gift Card that will store and play the video message;
  • for in store purchases, a paper card (that will be given with the gift offered) can be proposed with a unique (QR)Code to also store and play the video message;
  • for online purchases, the Livstick can be integrated in the web site to offer a personalised gifting experience to record a video message, which will be notified to the beneficiary (by adding an instruction card to the package shipped) of the gift, when it will be received.

Livstick provides several benefits for all parties involved:

  • For the brand: gather customers data, raise brand awareness and drive customers retention through their emotions.
  • For the customers (buyers and receivers): personalised gift, triggers emotion and improved customer experience.
Olivier Adler
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