Mar, 13 . 2023

3 Reasons to Build Your Own “Entrepreneurial Capsule Day”

La Maison des Startups LVMH has launched the Entrepreneurship Capsule Day, an exclusive occasion to discover the LVMH Innovation ecosystem! If you haven’t already, here are 3 reasons to book your event:

  1. The Entrepreneurial Capsule Day is an opportunity to discover solutions to accelerate innovation within your department through personalized pitch sessions from our leading startups. The experience also includes a private tour of Station F, Europe’s biggest startup campus, so you can gain insights on the history and purpose of this iconic location.


  1. The Entrepreneurial Capsule Day is a tailor-made experience. This means you can book a half or full day depending on your team’s needs and organize any type of activity: team building activity, seminar, creativity workshop… Anything is possible!


  1. We all know that informal moments are the key to creating meaningful connections. Take a break at La Felicita, the Italian restaurant within Station F, to share a meal or cocktails, or book a meeting room to debrief on your team’s objectives and takeaways from the day.


Want to know more about the Entrepreneurial Capsule Day or build your own? Email!