May, 12 . 2023

Laetitia Roche-Grenet, director of LVMH Open Innovation, discusses the luxury retail sector and its evolution in RETALES

What makes a luxury purchase different? How does personnalization play into the customer journey? To what extent is our growing awareness of our social and environmental responsbility impacting the retail industry?

Laetitia Roche-Grenet, Director of LVMH Open Innovation, answers these questions and more on a recent episode of Retales, the startup Orquest’s podcast on the challenges, opportunities, and trends of today’s retail sector! During the 30-minute episode, titled “Luxury Retail, Where Tradition Meets Innovation”, Laetita spoke with Orquest’s CRO Adara Gonzalez on what makes this industry stand apart and the delicate balance between heritage and modernity.

You can listen to it here.

About the startup: Orquest is a member of the current 8th season of ventures at La Maison des Startups LVMH. The young company is developing a workforce management and scheduling software to maximize sales opportunities and enhance the customer experience. You can find out more about them and meet the founders here.